Article taken from - Mark Bunting - December 2012.

"If I could afford it, I would shout every Hamilton citizen a fortnight at my mate Murray’s house.

This summer I took my Kharyn and the kids on the great southern trek.  

You know THOSE holidays where Dad bores you silly with stories from his highly magnified childhood?. Stories about days spent at 50 foot deep river holes and 17 room castles built in the highest mountains at the hands of a 12 year old boy that (when you finally get there) turn out to be brown stagnant puddles and a few rocks propped up against a vague  ditch on a small hill. Yep, I was Dad on a mission to stamp my memories into my kids’ lives. Predictably, and despite my best efforts, the kids would come away with their own memories of the wonderful south. Penny would fall in love with the shops and landscape, Daisy discovered that skinny dipping in fresh cold rivers is a great way to win dare money from Dad,  and Max loved the fact that every playground in the South island seems to have a disused tractor in it.

I was able to influence one memory however. My family got to experience my mate Murray. Murray is a great mate, and an even greater bloke. I wanted my kids to see the kind of person their Dad wants to be.

Murray always has and always will live in small-town Southern New Zealand - Alexandra." Read more...

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