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Central Otago Arts

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The Central Otago Arts Trail offers a unique and interesting artistic experience for both visitors and locals alike. We encourage you to take time to personally meet our talented artists in their studios and visit the galleries we have listed here.

Central Otago is a stunning part of New Zealand. Explore the side roads, enjoy our small historic gold mining towns and discover the hidden talent living there. Painters, potters, jewellers, print makers, bead workers and sculptors are dotted throughout the area and the information provided here gives you the opportunity to visit artists in their own workplace. 

By guiding visitors to their studios and galleries we help our artists to succeed at supporting themselves in their chosen profession, to build a customer base, and to actually sell their artwork directly to art lovers or other interested parties.

Each of these artists has something very special to offer a visitor to enhance, strengthen and perpetuate the Central Otago culture.

Why not get a group of friends together and drive around Central’s back-roads to find the small towns where our amazing artisans live and get an insight into what makes them tick.