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Centennial Health Medical Practice

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Centennial Health Medical Practice is based at the Medical Centre in Alexandra. We have a friendly team of doctors offering a range of medical services.

Services available

Our doctors and nurses will work with you to provide holistic health care. Practice nurses can provide you with the following services (appointment needed):

Long term conditions follow up


Heart conditions

Respiratory or breathing problems



Blood pressure measurements

Wound care

Removal of sutures

Pregnancy tests

Urine tests

Blood samples


Cervical smears

Screening for sexually transmitted infections

Dietary advice and weight loss support

Smoking cessation therapy


Doppler measurement

We offer care by male and female doctors.  While most people prefer continuing care by a specific doctor, there may be occasions when you would prefer to see another doctor that is your choice. As all our doctors are part-time there are occasions when your usual doctor may not be available however we work together and pride ourselves on effective communication within the practice.